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Hi, I'm Karen Deis

Welcome to my world — which is the world of sales and marketing strategies where I provide tools that mortgage loan officers can swipe and adapt, to get more leads, make more money and save more time.

Has this been your experience? There are many trainers, coaches, websites and systems available for the mortgage industry (some of them quite good I might add), but I have also found that some of them are either inadequate or too expensive, or the person involved has never “walked the talk.”

About me — Being in the mortgage business for 28 years, I have personally made all the mistakes a loan originator and a mortgage company owner could have made on my journey to creating a successful lending career.

During that time period, I also owned a mortgage broker company for 9 years. In addition, I owned a CBA with the largest builder in the area, an appraisal firm and a real estate company, and serve as an “expert witness” providing mortgage fraud investigation services.

Due to my sister’s serious illness (she co-owned the mortgage company with me) and my husband’s job transfer, we made the decision to sell the mortgage company and move to Hudson, Wisconsin.

In creating my various websites, I have attempted to give you access to some of the best sales tools and seminars in the mortgage industry today.

Oh, and did I mention that I also make presentations (i.e., Speaker) for private companies, mortgage associations and national mortgage events.

My motto: I don’t want to save the world—I just want to save YOU from making the same mistakes that I have made.

Please think of me as your personal CONCIERGE—the person who is able to recommend the best options for you, your company, your association and your mortgage business.

List of Sales and Marketing Websites

Foundation Marketing, Inc. is the legal name of my company. It’s the mother company for the websites mentioned below.

LoanOfficerTraining.com – If you are looking for effective sales and marketing strategies at low cost or no cost, check out this website. You’ll find e-books, free sales training classes, CDs and Done-4-You marketing systems that are easy to implement.

MortgageCurrentcy.com – You can read about mortgage rules and regulations until your eyes glaze over—or you fall asleep (whichever comes first). When you subscribe, a panel of experts not only reads them for you, but INTERPRETS them and what they mean in plain language so you know how to comply, and how they affect your files and your real estate agents. Think Reader’s Digest® here. Request your FREE WEBSITE TOUR here.

LoanOfficerMagazine.com – Exclusively for mortgage loan officers, sales managers and mortgage company owners, you’ll find hundreds of sales and marketing articles. When you subscribe, not only will you have access to all archived articles, but you will be able to download some of the best client newsletters, marketing letters, free reports and sample ads you will ever see in a mortgage publication.

MortgageGirlfriends.com – I have nothing against men—but women do business differently from their fellow male loan officers. This is a membership site exclusively for women in the mortgage industry, with sales tips, classes, e-books, articles, and free coaching sessions designed specifically for the way women conduct their mortgage practices.

ApartmentToolKit.com – The National Association of Realtors’ Survey of Home Buyers says that 57% of all homebuyers (regardless if first time or repeat) RENTED before buying a home. I provide accurate mailing addresses for almost any apartment complex located in the US. View the website for free marketing tips, sample post cards and how to research the best apartment complexes to target and get leads. Order mailing lists and marketing kits.