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What Others Say About Me

Here are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials that I have received. You’ll find many more when you visit my other websites.

Karen, letting you know my meeting went great. She will add me to website. And does have a niche; and a need for a lender that does them. HUD $100 down program. I’m looking into our programs to see if we offer them still. And she introduced me to an agent that does new builder model open houses. Thank you for your wonderful advice on how to handle this appointment. I was in and out with in 30 mins.
Lisa Doherty, Huron Valley Financial, Sterling Heights, MI
You all at MortgageCurrentcy.com are the most knowledgeable people in the mortgage industry, I sing your praises every day. Tracey and Lloyd have saved so many loans for me I could not repay them for their help and their knowledge.
Mike Vetri, NLC Mortgage, Pennsylvania
WOW isn’t enough.. KUDOS isn’t enough… you guys are the BEST and you know it!… I’m so glad you are here to teach and educate loan officers with MortgageCurrentcy.com. Thank you so very much for the very detailed and well-researched answer. I have taken the Tax Class you referred a few times now and I constantly referring back to it and to its printed material for help – The PDF attachments with comments are very helpful.”
Jose-Vladimir Lopez, William Raevis Mortgage, Danbury, CT
You are the real Rock Star. I have been following you for years and your zest for our industry is admirable, but more so is your constant stream of amazing ideas that are easy to implement. You are so creative, so giving, so intelligent, and I just love you for the contribution you have made to so many folks in our business. If there is a mortgage hall of fame somewhere, you are in it for sure!
Craig Strent, Apex Home Loans, Rockville, MD
I have really found your articles through LoanOfficerMagazine.com very useful and relevant. They give me great ideas for blogs and allow me to increase my value in my marketing efforts. I look forward to continued resources on your site.
Patrick Lewis, Premier Nationwide Lending, Florida
Thank you for the great information. I learned a lot at the MGIC Lenders School.
Tracy Warden, Horicon Bank, Horicon, WI
So many good ideas that you shared from the MGIC Lenders’ School, and now to try to implement some of them, one at a time. It was a beneficial morning! Thank you Karen!
Steve Voss, First Bank Financial Centre, Glendale, WI
ProAssistMarketing.com helped me by sending out an email to all my Realtors on “What do you tell clients to do after closing?” and several of my Realtors responded with a thanks and some suggested additions to the list. This means that I now have their attention!!! In addition, in an email that went out to clients about appraisals, I received a referral to a new prospect that is buying a home in the area. I love this turnkey solution to marketing!
Pat Cray, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group, Florida
[ProAssistMarketing.com utilizes client & Realtor newsletters articles written by LoanOfficerMagazine.com, and automatically emails them to your database. Visit their website to request a complimentary tour of their service.] Yours is the only service (LoanOfficerMagazine.com & MortgageCurrentcy.com) I subscribe like this because I have immense respect for your experience and valuable information. Thanks!
Sheryl Laskie, Guild Mortgage, Colorado
When I told myself I can’t control Fannie Mae I went looking for something to learn, which is my mood picker upper! And lo and behold, my Mortgage Currentcy was there, so I spent some time with your excellent videos and now I am ready to take on the world. Knowledge is power!
Ruth Linn, First Commonwealth Mortgage, Kentucky
I just want you to know how much you have influenced my career.  I have been in the industry since 1989.  Your blogs and sites have helped me self-educate and keep up with industry trends.  In turn, this has helped me maintain a job even during the bad times.  Keep up the good work and I’ll keep following.
Tina Harrison, Acopia Home Loans, Georgia
I am impressed with each and every webinar [How to Get Qualified Leads by Holding Home Buying Seminars], additional information section, etc. I mentor 4 Loan Originators who sat in on the session. Needless to say we all are energized and can clearly see the value of your experience. We are hooked; starting our plan immediately.
Jean Strohofer, Guardian Savings Bank, Ohio
Your “No Shiny Objects” e-book has manageable marketing ideas and strategies that stand the test of time and will indeed, make a positive impact on the growth of our business. Plus, the ideas are fun and creative which makes a big difference as to whether one fully implements a marketing project or not. I guarantee it’s the “Everything” marketing book you’ll come back to over and over so keep it handy!
Coach Victoria Del Frate of I CAN Coaching Company
Your new book—No Shiny Objects… is excellent.  It’s a quick read, but with a lot of clearly explained practical ideas for loan originators to consider.  Your last section about the importance of a database and the exit strategy is something most loan officers don’t consider, but any small business should have as part of its strategic planning.
Rick Obst, Umpqua Bank, Eugene Oregon
I just watched VA Sales Concessions – Deal Saving Secrets [class] and it kicked ASS!!! My book of business is about 25% VA (Live in San Diego) and this was incredibly well done. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank You!
Dan Williams, San Diego, California
When I think of the people that had positive influences in my life, you are certainly on the top of that list. There are so many people out there that choose to dwell on the bad and hopelessness of situations. I was very lucky to have had you as a mentor in my young years in this business. Your outlook is always hopeful and exciting! I have pulled from your wisdom many times!
Darla Watts, Kennewick, WA

Awesome class, Karen! [Non-Owner Occupied Loans: Comparing Fannie to Freddie] It was concise, easy to follow, and a great refresher. The checklist provided after is perfect. The handout was formatted making the fine print on the slides hard to read, but that was the only difficulty I had.

Definitely worth the time! Thank you for all you do to support those of us in the industry.

Bria Johnston, Eagle River, Alaska
Karen, I just wanted to let you know that I have already received several warm responses from several Realtors to whom I sent the flyer we finalized this morning. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help and for reminding me that a woman’s intuition is nothing to ignore!
Loni Wielgot, Loan Originator, Illinois
Thank you very, very much. Your quick response is why I am willing to pay for my subscription.
David Odle, Seekonk, Massachusetts
Karen, I thought that the class [Non-Owner Occupied Loans: Comparing Fannie to Freddie] was great and the online material excellent.
Vicki Reser, Vice President, MLO, Missouri
Thank you both (Lloyd, MortgageCurrentcy.com expert & Karen Deis) for your help. I was able to finally get my loan approved at the stated value from customer, rather than the value from DU. It truly saved the deal.
Tara Rees, Mortgage Loan Specialist, Utah
I subscribed to a fair number of mortgage publications and just subscribed to yours. During the first hour of my subscription, I received more useful information and tools than I’ve received from any other sources over the last year. They are real world and I’ll be a long-time client.
Ron Cotton, Sigma Home Loans
Loved your presentation today. I found it to be useful, entertaining and chock-full of ideas. I’ll be implementing them in the future.
Frank D. Dallas, Texas